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Keep Running

 投稿者:MK  投稿日:2020年11月10日(火)19時39分22秒
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  The modified BR 01 (2520) has the same appearance as Arnold's current latest model and has evolved the motor to coreless, so the driving performance is probably the best for the company's BR 01.
The final distribution model seems to have a NEM651 socket on the DCC interface and an LED on the lights, so it doesn't take much effort to go from analogue to DCC. But the motor has a familiar brush, three poles? it remains. A large noise is expected from the tender.

What is common with the company's big SL models, which were released several years around 1990, is that light is attached to the analogue board, and additional processing and careful confirmation of short circuit prevention is required for wiring for DCC. And in the reassembly after decomposition, such as various parts of the vehicle body has become a meshing structure that takes considerable time and effort, quite troublesome. If the driving performance realized this time, it seems to be able to enjoy enough with analogue PWM even if it's not DCC yet.



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