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BR 01 コアレス搭載

 投稿者:MK  投稿日:2020年11月 8日(日)18時43分58秒
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BR 01 Coreless:
No brand from a shop in the UK (made in Asia?) it was possible to purchase a coreless motor cheaply. And I carried out replacement work with the old motor of BR01 at the same time as the arrival. This model is Arnold's BR01 (2520 before the final model) and is an engine drive with a motor inside the tender.
The installation plan was completed overnight and the work was completed in half a day. It was almost perfectly realized than expected to greatly reduce the noise that I was aiming for. This is going to be a big steamer that can run long distances in the middle of the night and doze off. (The motor in these photos is in the middle of additional processing. The old one is in front of the tender.)



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