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 投稿者:MK  投稿日:2020年10月28日(水)02時53分27秒
  通報 返信・引用 編集済
 今回もKATOのユニトラック1本分をPECOのポイントなどPECO製品で置き換え。R381mm30°にSL-E386(エレクトロフログ)がちょうど良く収まる! 便利で、高速走行も快適そのもの。

Extended Continued:
It continued to expand as if it were a makeover, and a short escape line was installed in a few hours following the previous locomotive detention line.
This time, one unit truck of KATO was replaced with PECO products such as PECO points. SL-E386 (Electroflog) fits just right into R381mm30°! Convenient, high-speed driving is also comfortable itself.



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