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BR 55 Then

 投稿者:MK  投稿日:2020年10月24日(土)02時05分51秒
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  The famous locomotive BR 55 which can be thought to be 9600 of Germany. Both actual machines are said to have started practical production in 1913 (Taisho 2), a famous machine of the early SL mass production era representing the country.
In Japan and 96, there is no way that the number of digits is less than about 5000 cars of BR 55 with a production volume of 784 cars, but the standing position in their own country is the same. Through the maintenance of both models in the N-gauge, the models were strangely equipped with similar problems and charms. The more you look into it, the more attached you are to the locomotive's character. I'll compare and summarize them before I forget as much as I can.
The data of the actual machine is referring to Wikipedia for BR 55 and published publications such as "Locomotive Guidebook" (Seibundo Shinkosha) for 9600.

The "similar" surface of the actual machine, BR 55:9600.

(1) Total length about 18:16m, Drive wheel diameter 1350: 1250mm, shaft arrangement 0-4-0: 1-4-0.
(2) Vapor pressure 14bar: 13.5kg/cm2 .
(3) Horsepower 1260PS: 980HP?
(4) Maximum speed 55:65km/h.
(5)Year of manufacture 1913-1921:1913-1926.
(6) Retired 1972:?
It follows another article about the model.



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