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 投稿者:MK  投稿日:2020年10月18日(日)17時24分38秒
  通報 返信・引用 編集済
   Next18向けデコ―ダDH18Aは、D&H社の夏休み明け後の9/23(水)に到着していた。アーノルドのE 42への単なる交換作業。ボディを外すのが大変なのが分かっていたせいもあり、他車の作業も落ち着いた本日、ようやく実行した。



Replaced with D&H
The Next18 decoder DH18A arrived on Wednesday, September 23, after D&H's summer vacation.  Mere replacement for Arnold's E 42. Partly because I knew it was hard to remove the body, finally performed today when the work of the other car has calmed down.
As I had a bad feeling, I damaged a small area that seemed to be damaged last time, but the run was completely different. I don't know how many time I'm surprised at how amazing the difference is. To put it plainly, I feel that the price of the locomotive has increased by about 10,000 yen. There is no reason not to be satisfied with this result.It was only a waste of time that I was prolonged whether to compromise with the previous decoder. The main differences are as follows:
(1) Extremely stable even in high-speed running of the same speed, a heavy sense of weight comes out. The whole train looks like a real run.
(2) The motor sound is calm and feeling. The realness of ultra-slow acceleration and deceleration is amazing.
(3) Up to the light of the LED, stable from light to dark, flickering like a fluorescent lamp that had been worried about until now has been eliminated.



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